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Navah Retreats currently captures the heart and vision of creating an  environment for people to find their hearts again and experience love  and freedom on a whole new level. This is the need. And we have been  meeting that need. We feel God is leading us to take it to the next level. Check out what we think God wants to do, and please partner with us!

WE believe god wants to take navah Retreats to new places.


Healing Retreat Community 

The vision of Navah Retreats was always meant to be grounded in a family/community context. We feel that the move to a community context is now ready to transition. 

The community would consist of three families, living on the same piece of property facilitating a healing retreat community. These families will combine their gifts and talents and hearts in a unified way to bring an increase to the impact on peoples lives.

So Navah Retreats would offer one week, two week, or month long retreats for individuals and couples on the property. The retreat community would offer intensive healing work in the context of three families, on a horse farm, with weekly community meals, Worship times, fellowship and prayer, lodging, one on one counseling, etc. The idea is to get people out of their normal environment, outside into the natural world, out into wilderness areas, hiking, fly fishing, mountain biking, horseback riding, rock climbing, trail running, camping, etc - while at the same time, going through intensive heart and relational healing. 

healing victims of sex trafficking 

Bend Oregon is just off of the Interstate 5 corridor between Los Angeles and Portland Oregon, where those caught in sex trafficking are transferred back and forth between cities. We feel a call from God to build this property as a place of refuge, and safe harbor for victims of that industry. Navah at Bend is to be a safe place to find healing, freedom and full restoration. We feel that with all that the community offers, while adding an equestrian element to the healing environment, putting broken people with horses, will bring forth a return to innocence, beauty, dignity and wholeness. In this context, a healing environment is provided to bring these broken individuals back to their hearts, back to God to restart their lives towards a new and brighter future. 

The individuals that would stay with us would be offered one on one healing work, lodging, and opportunities and responsibilities to contribute to operations of the community. They would be welcomed into a family atmosphere where the love of God and freedom in Jesus is taught and experienced. They can learn to find their value and worth again through deep healing work, and by making a small contribution to the community. There would be 6 months to 1 year stays for these individuals to be with us. 

Training and Apprenticeship 

Navah Retreats is in the process of developing an apprenticeship program to develop others in the art of healing and wholeness for individuals, marriages and families. The training will take place on the property over a year period. The idea is to grow and mature other healing facilitators to do the work of healing and transformation. In essence what would develop is a ‘navah company’, a growing number of people capable of bringing the healing love and power of God to those in need. There would then be ‘navahs’ to develop in other communities and cities. For example: Navah Retreats Santa Barbara, Navah Retreats Portland.

Events, Retreats and Weddings 

Navah Retreats will provide a venue for events and retreats, with options  to coordinate and facilitate these events. Whether it’s for businesses, church leadership, women’s or men’s retreats, church family camps, the property will be utilized to host these events for the community. Along with the retreats and events, the property will have the option of hosting weddings as well. If requested the Navah Retreats community will be able provide the option of a full event service, from beginning to end for all of the above options. 

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